The 10 best sites to buy Instagram followers in 2023?

In 2023 Instagram became an essential platform for marketing strategies, with thousands of influencers who have accumulated hundreds of thousands or even millowers. To stand out on Instagram, it is often difficult to do so starting from zero or having a small community of a few thousand followers. To overcome this problem, many new influencers buy Instagram active followers. This article has ten sites to buy active, French and quality Instagram subscribers.

  1. is a first choice site for the purchase of Instagram followers. Followers are active on the platform and quality is exceptional.

  2. Offers quality Instagram followers boost services and followers are of high quality.

  3. Rocket2fame has made a place of choice on the market for the sale of Instagram subscribers by offering high quality services and by retaining customers.

  4. Insta Mama provides quick and convincing results, with quality of service and reactive after -sales service.

  5. Likesforge is a company that works mainly with B2B customers and offers high quality services.

  6. Socially Go offers a speed of fast delivery and an incomparable quality service.

  7. Friendlylikes is a site that has proven itself thanks to the quality of its services and its seriousness.

  8. Redsocial offers a full range of services for different social media.

  9. Fluidbuzz offers one of the best services on the market, even if it is not the most elegant site.

  10. Ryno Social supports you to help you buzz on social networks.

By buying targeted Instagram followers, it is possible to gain visibility and notoriety. The purchase of followers is legal, because it is simply a marketing campaign, as if you had called on Facebook Ads to promote your Instagram page. However, this strategy is not without risks and it is important to choose quality sites to avoid false or poor quality followers.

Why use the purchase of targeted Instagram followers?

  1. Gain visibility when you start on a social media, your publications go more or less unnoticed. Social media algorithms have no interest in highlighting small influencers who have a few dozen Instagram followers.

  2. Get in notoriety and credibility if you start on Instagram, there is a good chance that people who discover your account for the first time do not take it seriously. Quite simply, because you don't have enough followers on the platform. Who would you follow between an influencer who has 10,000 Instagram followers and an influencer who has barely 500 subscribers on the platform?

  3. Is it legal to buy Instagram followers? Yes, nothing forbids us to buy Instagram targeted followers. You are doing a simple marketing campaign as if you had called on Facebook, via Facebook Ads, to promote your Instagram page. Nevertheless, although this strategy is democratizing, it is not always well perceived by some people. We therefore recommend that you call on a reliable site that will deliver your followers gradually and naturally so that your community does not detect that you have chosen to buy Instagram fans to boost your notoriety.

  4. How to make your purchase of Instagram subscribers undetectable? As we have stated previously, the purchase of followers is not always well seen by your community. Fortunately, there are solutions to make your purchase completely undetectable. Let's see together how to step by step:

Buy Instagram subscribers delivered gradually; Buy Instagram likes; Buy Instagram views; Buy Instagram comments.

The idea is to buy all kinds of Instagram interactions simultaneously. This will allow you to make your purchase much more natural than if you bought followers one day, the day after the Instagram likes and a week after Instagram comments. It is imperative to have an overall strategy!

  1. Buy Instagram Likes for your photos to simulate a buzz you must have already published photos. If this is not the case, you need to publish at least a few (2 or 3 are sufficient) because an account without a photo and with 1,000 or 10,000 Instagram followers may seem suspect.

At the same time as your purchase of active Instagram subscribers, we recommend that you keep a report from a like for 10 Instagram followers. For example, if you have 10,000 Instagram followers after your purchase, we recommend that you combine at least 1,000 Instagram likes on each of your latest publications.

The report of a like for 10 followers is to be adapted according to your number of Instagram fans. Indeed, stars with millions or hundreds of thousands of followers often have a commitment rate of 2 to 8 %. If you have 100,000 Instagram followers, you can have a 5 %engagement rate. You will then have to buy at least 5000 Instagram likes for your latest publications.

By choosing to buy Instagram likes at the same time as followers, you simulate a craze around your account, which makes your purchase of natural Instagram followers for your fans.

The purchase of Instagram views is necessary according to the content you share. If you don't often publish videos, you can buy Instagram prints, but it's not mandatory. On the other hand, if you regularly publish videos in your Instagram feed, it is recommended to buy Instagram views to maintain a natural report of the order of 100 likes for 300 views.

The purchase of Instagram comments depends on the commitment aroused by your publications with your audience. In some themes, such as makeup, comments are very common, and you will have to buy French Instagram comments to make your strategy natural. You can also add tags to the comments to reference your publication on as many tags as possible.

It is important not to buy cheap Instagram followers. If you call on a site offering you to buy inexpensive Instagram followers, you will get low -quality and inactive false followers, which is harmful for the engagement rate of your account. The Instagram followers provided by the sites offering them at low prices are rarely without loss, that is to say that there is a good chance that the followers you have bought disappear as quickly as they have arrived. When you buy followers, it is imperative that they are lossless and active, which is not the case for low -end sites.

The same goes for the purchase of inexpensive Instagram likes. You will not receive real I love Instagram, which can be harmful for the visibility of your post.

To buy active followers on Instagram, it is important to choose a reliable and serious site which provides Instagram followers without loss and which will be active. You can base yourself on our comparison of Instagram followers sites to make your choice. Once your choice is made, you will have to define the number of Instagram followers to buy. You can then send the user link or name of your Instagram account to the service provider you have chosen.

To choose the good number of Instagram followers to buy, you can opt for the purchase of 100, 1000, or 10,000 Instagram followers, according to your needs.

The purchase of 100 Instagram followers is a good way to boost your account if you only have a few. On the other hand, if you already have several hundred, even thousands of Instagram subscribers, the purchase of 100 followers will not be very useful to you.


The purchase of followers on Instagram is a common practice for many users of this platform. However, the question that arises is whether it is better to buy French or international followers depending on your goals. If you want to maximize the number of followers, it may be more judicious to buy international fans. On the other hand, if you want to develop a French brand, buying French followers will probably be the best option.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy targeted followers precisely on countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia or Egypt, but some sites offer the purchase of Arab subscribers only, which can be An interesting alternative. Regarding Switzerland, there are no local sites offering this type of service, but you can still order on French sites by paying in euros. For Belgium, there is a Belgian site that allows you to buy subscribers via, but you can also go through French sites without any problems. Regarding Canada, you can go through French sites by paying in euros if you have an international bank card or a PayPal account.

It should be noted that the purchase of followers, likes or views may seem not very ethical, as this simulates a more important audience than it is actually. However, this practice is common in influencers who seek to attract the attention of brands to obtain collaborations and advertising contracts. It is therefore important to choose a reliable and serious site to ensure that the followers and the Likes purchased are real users.

In conclusion, the purchase of Followers and Instagram Likes can be advantageous for your account, but it is important to pay attention to the quality of the services offered by the sales sites of followers and to favor quality to the quantity to avoid 'Be a victim of scams.

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