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The 12 best sites to buy Tiktok followers in 2024

Tiktok's format and algorithm facilitate the rapid viralization of content. However, as the amount of content increases, the opportunities to stand out decrease.

This is why tiktkers and content creators need to use reputation and rapid growth strategies such as buying followers on Tiktok, always via an adequate and reliable supplier. We review the 12 platforms to grow on Tiktok in a safe and professional manner.

The 12 safest sites to buy followers for Tiktok in 2024

  1. Celiaigency

Celiangency stands out as the main platform to buy Tiktok followers, positioning itself as a market leader. Here are the reasons:

First, it stands out for its ability to provide up to 10,000 followers daily, which will be added only 5 minutes after purchase. Each follower obtained via this platform is real; That is to say, having an authentic profile.

In terms of price, Celiaigency  offers very competitive prices. For example, with only € 3.99, you can acquire 100 followers, and the price is just as attractive for other quantities. You can buy your followers with the payment method of your choice, benefiting from a secure, encrypted and monitored process which guarantees the protection of your data.

Two other reasons to choose this platform include a post-service replacement guarantee, supported by a strong assistance team of a decade of experience, and the possibility of acquiring your cheaper followers, specifically with a reduction of 20 % with the RED20 code.

  1. Sumolikes

Another Spanish platform offering safe, fast and efficient service to buy followers. It is also distinguished by its speed, since all orders are processed in a few hours, allowing you to see the results just when you need it.

Sumolikes offers a wide range of followers packs, adapted to the needs of each customer. The most basic pack, with 100 Tiktok followers, costs only 3.99 euros. Another advantage is a customer service available 24 hours a day.

The purchasing process on their site is very simple, because it can be carried out in three steps and in less than two minutes. This applies to any of their available products. In addition, the platform has an advanced protection system ensuring that the purchase is secure.

  1. Followers Ya

Although followersya prices are somewhat higher than those of other platforms, it has a series of characteristics that can compensate.

One of the aspects to be taken into account is its 30 -day replacement guarantee. This means that, if for any reason the followers you bought decrease in a period of 30 days, their team will replace them without cost.

Finally, followers allows you to choose the priority of purchase. Thus, you can decide whether you want the followers to be delivered quickly (hours) or if you prefer that they are delivered gradually (in a few days). Keep in mind that the price can increase if you choose fast delivery.

  1. Viralizate

Chinese agency specializing in the offer of services to increase the number of followers, views and likes on Tiktok.

Viralizate offers a wide range of service packs, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget. In addition, the site has a customer service available 24/7 to help you at any time.

It must be taken into account that Tiktok is a Chinese social network, so Viralizate is very familiar with the platform and its characteristics. That means 

That the followers you buy on their site will be of quality.

  1. Influence Estrella

It is a fairly simple to use platform, but the delivery of new followers can take up to 24 hours. The reason is that the site uses a verification process to ensure that the followers delivered are 100% real.

Therefore, if you need to quickly increase your number of followers, this agency may not be the most suitable for you. However, if you are ready to wait a bit, it's a good option for quality followers that will help you grow.

  1. Agenciasm

The company of Mexican origin Agenciasm is a good alternative to obtain Tiktok followers in Latin America. However, it has certain drawbacks that you should take into account if you are in Europe or in any other place outside Latin America.

First, prices are somewhat high because they must cover the costs of management and delivery of followers of Latin American origin.

Second, prices at Agenciasm are only available in Mexican pesos. This can represent a drawback for users outside Mexico, since they will have to convert a currency to calculate the price in their local currency.

  1. Smmlaba

Smmlaba is established as a versatile platform that does not only offer followers to buy followers for Tiktok, but also for other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Its packages vary from one hundred to 10,000 followers, with an approximate price of 130 euros.

This wide range of options allows users to personalize their growth strategy on various platforms, which is particularly useful for profiles such as artists, brands, and businesses. With clear and transparent pricing, Smmlaba represents a reliable option for your profile.

  1. Bcube Agency

This platform offers prices slightly higher than those of its competitors, establishing a cost of 4.99 euros per 100 followers. The delivery time varies and can extend up to two days, depending on the quantity requested. However, the platform offers a 30 -day replacement guarantee.

Although it is not distinguished specifically in an area compared to its competitors, Bcube Agency remains a reliable platform that provides real followers. This approach on the authenticity of followers can also be a decisive factor.

  1. Sosfollowers

Although this is not a site as deemed as previous options, Sosfollowers earns positions because it offers a simple, clear, and safe purchasing system. In this case, followers are quite cheap, since the 100 followers package costs 4 euros.

Delivery times are reasonable (between 0 and 24 hours) and can reach 10,000 followers per day. If customers support this service with positive opinions (which is not the case currently), it is possible that in the future they grow as an agency.

  1. Comprarkesreals

As with the previous site, it offers a fairly reasonable service, with quick delivery times and high retention followers, but it does not enjoy a sufficient reputation to occupy the first positions.

However, payments are secure and the service is 100% confidential, so you will have no problem during or after purchase. On the other hand, the site does not specify the availability of its support team.

  1. Seguidoresparaguay

Panamanian growth agency on social networks. Therefore, if you buy on this platform, you will have to convert Guarani to your local currency yourself.

If you are wary of the site, you should know that they use SSL encryption for a completely secure purchasing process. Finally, it should be noted that they do not specify the delivery times, so we do not know how long the service could take.

  1. SocialmaxPro

Finally, we examine this relatively new site. It offers a cheap option to acquire mixed followers (from any part of the world), but we recommend geolocating them in Spain or Latin America for growth in your safer profile.

For the rest, the purchasing process is very intuitive and guarantees customer safety with SSL encryption, so SocialmaxPro is a more than reasonable alternative if you are ready to grow on Tiktok.

How to increase your followers on Tiktok in less than 5 minutes?

Some agencies like Celiaigency  Offer a fast delivery service, that is to say that the results of the purchase begin to appear in less than five minutes. This is relevant when we want to take advantage of a trend on Tiktok or stand out during a specific event.

In addition to that, there are certain tips that you can use to increase your followers, such as likes publications of similar accounts or comments on videos of people of the same niche. In this way, it is more likely that they follow you and love your publications.

Another way to increase your followers is mention

There are other tiktors of your same style, which can attract their attention.

However, these organic techniques are not always effective and depend on the interaction and availability of others. With the purchase of followers, the results are guaranteed in the shortest possible time.

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How to buy Tiktok followers in 2024?

The process to buy followers on Tiktok is very simple:

  1. Enter the platform website that meets your needs.
  2. Once there, insert the URL of the link in your Tiktok profile.
  3. Then add the number of followers you want to get.
  4. After, click on "Add to the basket".
  5. Finally, choose a secure payment method and enter the purchase data.

In conclusion, growing up on Tiktok has become a key goal for many content creators, and the purchase of followers presents itself as an effective strategy to accelerate this process. However, it is important to highlight the need to buy followers on websites that offer a secure purchasing system, real followers and quality service.

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