Comment Obtenir Plus de Vues sur YouTube : Le Guide Ultime

How to get more views on Youtube: the ultimate guide


How to get more views on Youtube: the ultimate guide

If you are a content creator on YouTube, you know how important it is to increase the number of views on your videos. After all, it is the dream of each videographer to share their content with a wider audience. In this article, we will reveal the best strategies to you to get more views on YouTube, emphasizing the efficiency of our product "buy YouTube views".

Why are the YouTube views crucial?

Before diving into the details of our strategy to get more views, it is essential to understand why this is so important. YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world, with billions of active users each month. To succeed on Youtube, you must be seen among this multitude of videos.

The 20 -step strategy to get more views on YouTube

Take inspiration from the strategies of the best content creators on YouTube to boost your visibility. Here are 20 essential steps:

1. Update of your YouTube account

Before starting everything, make sure your YouTube account is up to date. This means having a coherent visual identity, a busy "full" section and up -to -date contact details so that your potential spectators can contact you.

2. Target your market segment

Do not try to please everyone. Identify your ideal audience and create content that targets it specifically. The more specific you are, the more you will attract a committed audience.

3. Optimize your videos for research

YouTube is a search engine, so be sure to optimize your videos for the relevant keywords. Use tools such as the Google keyword planning tool to find the terms sought by your audience.

4. Use the metadata

Use quality metadata, especially in the title of video, tags, description text and subtitles. This will help your video appear in search results.

5. Use popular videos of your competitors

Identify the popular videos of your competitors in your niche. Take inspiration from their content and offer similar videos, but with your own unique touch.

6. Concoct a title with small onions

The title of your video is the first thing that potential spectators will see, so make sure it is catchy and informative. A good YouTube video title must:

  • Count between 60 and 70 characters for optimal readability.
  • Be representative of the content of the video.
  • Prick the spectator's curiosity.
  • Often include a number (number of steps, advice, current year, etc.).
  • Often include parentheses to add additional information.

To find inspiration for your titles, see the Youtube home page and analyze the titles of the videos that make you want to click. Try to understand what qualities these titles share and adapt them to your content.

7. Ride your description

The description of your video is a crucial element for referencing and understanding your content. Here are some tips for refining your description:

  • Integrate relevant keywords from the start of the description, because YouTube attaches more importance to the first sentences.
  • Create a clear and captivating introduction that makes spectators want to continue reading.
  • Provide precise information on what spectators will learn by watching your video.
  • Aim for a text from 125 to 175 words to maximize visibility, integrating a diversity of keywords.

Do not hesitate to use this space to briefly present your channel, your websites or your social networks if this is relevant.

8. Do not skimp on tags

Tags are another crucial element to help YouTube understand the subject of your video. Here's how to use them effectively:

  • Start by using your main keywords and relevant key phrases.
  • Add variants and synonyms that spectators could look for.
  • Sometimes include wider categories to expand your scope.

Well -chosen tags will help your video to be recommended to spectators interested in the subject you are dealing with.

9. Bet on personalized miniatures to boost your views

Personalized miniatures are essential to attract the attention of potential spectators when they travel the search results and recommendations. Here are some tips for creating effective miniatures:

  • Make sure the miniature clearly and precisely describes the content of the video.
  • Make sure it is in accordance with the title of the video.
  • Use catchy visuals standing out.
  • If possible, choose bright colors that contrast with the standard color palette of YouTube.
  • Avoid misleading miniatures, as this can lead to a decrease in viewing time.

Your miniature must give spectators a clear idea of ​​what they will find in your video.

10. Multiply your views by creating playlists

Organizing your playlist videos is a great way to encourage spectators to look at more of your content. The playlists allow you to automatically switch to the following video at the end of that in progress, thus increasing the viewing time.

When you create playlists, be sure to choose clear and relevant titles, also using appropriate keywords for SEO. This will help attract more spectators interested in the subject of your playlist.

11. Recover traffic using the final sheets and screens

The sheets and end screens are powerful tools to influence the choices of your audience and encourage them to watch more from your videos. Here's how to use them effectively:

  • The sheets are interactive areas in your videos. Use them to redirect spectators to other relevant videos or playlists.
  • Make sure that the sheets provide real added value in relation to the current content of the video.
  • The end screens are calls for action that you can add at the end of your videos. Use them to promote other videos or playlists, encourage subscriptions or direct spectators to your website or social networks.

These tools allow you to guide your audience to other interesting content, which can increase the duration of viewing and the number of views.

12. Do not limit yourself to video tutorials (innovate!)

Although video tutorials are popular on YouTube, it is essential to diversify your content to retain your audience and encourage views. Do not just answer the most common questions, explore new subjects, original formats and innovative ideas to keep your audience engaged.

13. Create link with your spectators

Commitment with your audience is essential to build a faithful community and encourage views. Interact with the comments, organize competitions, make reaction videos, share the content of other creators with their authorization, ask questions and ask for ideas at your audience. The more you engage your community, the more it will be inclined to watch, love, comment and share your videos.

14. Take partnerships

Partnerships with other creators can help you expand your audience. Look for collaborations, crossovers, special guests and other ways to work with other creators who share your vision and your audience. Partnerships can help you reach new spectators and increase your views.

15. Promote your YouTube videos on all your social networks

Use all your social networks to promote your YouTube videos. Create video teasers for your other platforms with a link to full video on YouTube. Make sure you don't publish the same content on all your networks, but adapt it for each platform. Crossed promotion can help increase the visibility of your videos.

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