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Buy Tiktok subscribers in 2023: everything you need to know about buying subscribers, views, likes and more!

In 2023, the acquisition of Tiktok followers, cheap Tiktok subscribers, and the purchase of Tiktok followers are practices that are becoming more and more popular. This trend is largely explained by the growing competition on the Tiktok platform, which makes users difficult to get noticed. In this article, we will examine several options to buy Tiktok subscribers and assess their efficiency.

Where to buy tiktok subscribers?

  1. Celiaigency For Buy cheap tiktok subscribers is widely recognized for its exceptional cheap Tiktok Followers purchase service. The site offers natural subscribers, largely from Europe and France. Its solid reputation is the result of the high quality of its services.

  2. Rocket2fame to buy tiktok subscribers is one of the most renowned sites for the purchase of Tiktok subscribers. Thanks to its more natural subscribers than each other, the site quickly made a place in the sector of buying Tiktok, Likes and followers. Subscribers are delivered quickly and organically.

  3. to buy tiktok subscribers

    If you want to call on one of the most popular sites at the moment to buy Tiktok subscribers, then it is to that you have to orient yourself. The site offers real expertise and a wide range of services allowing you to have an improvement in complete visibility. The site stands out for the quality of its followers and also offers quality Tiktok views and Likes.

  4. Redsocial

    If you are still undecided as to the place where to buy your Tiktok followers, Redsocial is an option to consider. The site offers a full range of services, including likes, views, followers and sharing, distinguished by the quality of its subscribers.

  5. Buzzvoice

    For a serious service that quickly delivers Tiktok views and followers, Buzzvoice is an option to consider. The site offers one of the fastest services and the highest quality on the market.


    If you are looking for professional assistance, turn to Digi SMM, where you can benefit from the expertise of authentic specialists in the field.

  7. Socially Go

    If you want to instantly receive your Tiktok subscribers and views, Socially Go is renowned for the speed of its services, ideal for those who need quick views for their Tiktok videos.

  8. Followerpackages

    Followerpackages is a trusted site that constantly offers high quality services.

  9. Krootez

    Kroootez offers a quality service, delivered in a natural and progressive way.

Why did the purchase of Tiktok followers become so popular?

The purchase of Tiktok subscribers is a relatively recent practice, as is the purchase of Instagram followers. This marketing strategy has been really democratized in recent years, but why? This is explained on the one hand, because the number of users on Tiktok has greatly evolved in recent years. Indeed, the platform has gone from a few hundred thousand French active users, a few years ago, to today several million users today. This has helped make the platform much more attractive to influencers who seek to reach the maximum number of people with their publications. The arrival of as many influencers on the platform made it possible to drain part of their audience on the platform, but this has also increased the competition present on the platform. It is also very complicated today to stand out on the platform, which explains why the purchase of subscribers is increasingly used by new influencers who often choose to buy 1000 Tiktok followers or more to get started.

Do the stars buy Tiktok subscribers?

This is surely the question that everyone is asking when you see influencers like Michou and many others who have millions of followers on the Tiktok platform. The answer goes greatly from the profiles of each influencer. Indeed, a large number of influencers have probably already resorted to the purchase of Tiktok fans to boost their notoriety and their visibility on the platform. Nevertheless, it is not good to amalgamate, influencers who have a huge community of several million fans do not buy Tiktok subscribers. Indeed, to see a difference, they would have to buy several hundred thousand, even millions of followers which is just not possible. Conversely, many influencers have 50,000 followers Tiktok or 100,000 Tiktok followers who buy Tiktok followers because for a relatively interesting rate, they will be able to boost their number of subscribers from 20 to 50% and give a real boost to their careers.

Do you have to buy Tiktok followers to become a star?

The answer to this question will depend on your situation and your goals. If you are looking to become a real influencer, you will certainly have to go through if you want rapid growth. Before considering the purchase of Tiktok followers, we advise you to make sure that the Tiktok you create are of very good quality and are appreciated by your audience. Indeed, if the content that you create is not appreciated and is not shared, you will have a good buy 10,000 Tiktok followers, you will most certainly have very few results, or even no results.

How many Tiktok followers should you buy to become an influencer?

This will greatly depend on the following factors:

  • Your budget
  • Your goals
  • Your current number of Tiktok subscribers

Obviously, today, if you want to become an influencer on Tiktok and be able to live on it, you will need at least 100,000 Tiktok followers. Below this amount of subscribers, you will have great difficulties in making a suitable salary on the platform. Nevertheless, it is not because you need 100,000 Tiktok subscribers that you will necessarily need to buy them all. Indeed, you can start by buying 5,000 Tiktok followers, which will bring you more visibility and subsequently, you can get the others organically. You have to see the purchase of tiktok fans like a springboard will highlight your content and which will allow you, if your Tiktok are tops, to become a real influencer.

How much is the purchase of tiktok fans?

Buying active tiktok fans is a practice that has become well democratized and this has allowed a fairly nice price drop. We will not go so far as to say that Tiktok subscribers are not expensive, but these remain very affordable compared to YouTube subscribers for example. The purchase of Tiktok followers remains more expensive than buying Instagram followers.

Here are the current prices for buying tiktok fans:

  • 50 followers: between € 3 and € 6
  • 100 followers: between € 5 and € 10
  • 500 followers: between € 15 and 25 €
  • 1000 followers: between 20 € and 33 €
  • 5000 followers: between 80 € and 130 €
  • 10,000 followers: between 150 € and 250 €

Is it a good idea to buy cheap tiktok fans?

The answer to this question is very simple: buy cheap tiktok subscribers with low quality service, even worse, scam. In order not to be fooled, we advise you to treat only with sites offering correct prices, even a little high, but never with sites offering cheap tiktok followers, because you will never have real followers Tiktok active and lossless if you do not put the price. In short, always favor serious sites that offer real subscribers rather than low cost sites that offer cheap Tiktok subscribers.

How to buy real Tiktok subscribers?

Buying real tiktok fans is child's play. You still have to know how to go about it. Don't worry, we're going to see this together. You will only have to follow the steps below to buy Tiktok followers safely:

  1. Find a serious and reliable site to buy Tiktok subscribers.
  2. Choose the amount of tiktok fans you want to order (100, 500, 1000, 5000 or 10000, or more depending on the sites).
  3. Proceed by bank card or paypal.
  4. Wait until your followers arrive.

Is the purchase of subscribers detected by Tiktok?

Most of the time, the purchase of followers is not detectable by the platform, at least if you call on a reliable company that provides real Tiktok fans. However, it is always preferable to take certain precautions during your purchase.

How to make my purchase go unnoticed?

If you want to make your purchase completely natural, then it is better to buy Tiktok views, Tiktok Likes, Tiktok shares, and Tiktok comments in addition to your purchase of Tiktok subscribers. Let's admit that you suddenly receive 1000 Tiktok followers; This may seem suspicious. Nevertheless, if you receive 10,000 fans, but your videos each receive between 50,000 and 100,000 additional Tiktok views, 1,000 to 5,000 additional likes, and between 100 and 500 shares, then your growth is quite natural and you have a lot Less luck than your community or Tiktok does not detect your purchase.

Buy Tiktok views

The purchase of Tiktok views is very good to combine with the purchase of likes and followers. It is quite natural to receive more followers than normal when one of your videos becomes viral and it gets a large number of views. For example, for a purchase of 100,000 Tiktok views, we recommend that you buy between 1,000 Tiktok fans and 10,000 Tiktok followers, this Views/Subscribers ratio is common when a video becomes viral.

Here are the prices for purchasing views for Tiktok video:

  • 100 views: between € 2 and 4 €
  • 500 views: between € 3 and 5 €
  • 1000 views: between € 3.5 and € 5.5
  • 2000 views: between € 5 and € 7
  • 5000 views: between € 9 and 15 €
  • 10,000 views: between € 17 and € 29 €
  • 50,000 views: between € 29 and € 59
  • 100,000 views: between € 49 and € 79
  • 1 million views: between € 99 and € 299

Buy Tiktok Likes

If you buy tiktok views, you will surely have to buy tiktok likes in addition. It is important to maintain a ratio between 10 and 50 likes per slice of at least 1000 views. This figure can be adjusted when you talk about buying millions of Tiktok views. The purchase of Likes Tiktok will help make your natural overall strategy, without forgetting that the platform algorithms highlight the videos with a lot of "like", which makes the purchase of Likes Tiktok even more profitable .

Here are the prices for buying Tiktok likes:

  • 100 likes: between 4 € and 8 €
  • 500 likes: between € 13 and 19 €
  • 1000 likes: between 20 € and 30 €
  • 5000 likes: between 80 € and 120 €
  • 10,000 likes: between 150 € and 250 €

Is there a difference between buying tiktok hearts and tiktok likes?

Many people do not know the vocabulary linked to Tiktok well and think that buying tiktok hearts is not the same as buying "I like" for their tiktok video when these two strategies are exactly the same .

Buy Tiktok comments

Buying Tiktok comments is a very good idea. Indeed, what would you think of a video with thousands of views, but only 5 or 10 Tiktok comments? You would tell yourself either that the person has chosen to buy Tiktok views, or that their community is not engaged with the artist. In both cases, this is not ideal for the person who published the Tiktok. In order to avoid this, we advise you to buy at least 1 Tiktok comment for 100 to 1000 Tiktok views in addition to views, likes, and followers.

Here are the prices for buying Tiktok comments:

  • 1 comment: between € 1 and € 3
  • 5 comments: Between € 2 and 5 €
  • 10 Comments: Between 4 € and 8 €
  • 50 comments: between € 9 and 20 €
  • 100 comments: between 15 € and 30 €

Buy Tiktok sharing

The purchase of Tiktok shares is the best way to ensure the virality of your video. Indeed, when a video is shared many times, it means that it pleases a lot of people and that people want to make it discover in their own community. You have already noticed that the most viral videos on Tiktok are those that have been shared thousands of times. In order to maximize the virality of your video, we therefore advise you to buy Tiktok shares in addition to your purchase of Tiktok views and Tiktok Likes.

Here are the prices for the purchase of Tiktok sharing:

  • 50 shares: between € 3 and 6 €
  • 100 shares: between 4 € and 8 €
  • 500 shares: between 12 € and 25 €
  • 1000 shares: between 20 € and 40 €
  • 5000 shares: between 80 € and 150 €
  • 10,000 shares: between 140 € and 250 €

Conclusion on the purchase of fans Tiktok

In conclusion, the purchase of Tiktok followers, Tiktok views, Tiktok Likes, Tiktok comments, and Tiktok shares has become a common way to accelerate the growth of its Tiktok account and increase its visibility on the platform. However, it is essential to be cautious and make sure to do business with quality service providers, in order to guarantee that the followers and the interactions you buy are authentic and that they do not cause problems With Tiktok. Also, don't forget to create quality content and get involved with your audience to build a real Tiktok community. The purchase of Tiktok followers should only be a component of your global strategy to succeed on this booming social media platform.

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