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3 best sites to buy Tiktok subscribers in 2024 (real and secure)

Tiktok conquered the world to become the destination of people wishing to share their creativity and get some renown. As on all high profile platforms, making a name for Tiktok is a question of figures. The more subscribers you get, the more you have an impact. But since it is not always easy to increase your number of subscribers, it has become common to buy Tiktok subscribers to launch the machine.

When your Tiktok account displays a high (or enormous) subscriber number, it does not just seem - this opens doors. More subscribers means more views, a higher engagement rate, and a real chance to climb in the rankings. It is a real change of game, boosting your presence on Tiktok and quickly accelerating your growth on social networks.

But if you plan to buy subscribers on Tiktok, you need to make the right choice about your supplier. There are many suppliers, but the subscribers you buy must be 100% legitimate - nothing other than real. And this is where we intervene.

After carefully testing several services and monitored by factors such as quality, price, and customer feedback, our team has established a short list of the three best sites to buy Tiktok subscribers. Our recommendations are designed to ensure the best value for money, impeccable service, and a solid investment in your Tiktok profile.

Let's dive.

Best sites to buy tiktok subscribers

Here are the three best places to buy Tiktok subscribers,

  1. Celiaigency

Celiangency continues to make waves after 11 years of activity and remains the best site to buy Tiktok subscribers in 2024. This highly rated platform is a real one -stop shop where booster your influence on Tiktok becomes surprisingly easy. With Celiaigency , you don't just get numbers - you connect with real Tiktok subscribers who are really interested in your content.

One of the remarkable characteristics of Celiaigency  is the option of buying targeted Tiktok subscribers. This means that you can target hearings of specific countries such as Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. Winning loyal subscribers from specific corners of the world can be the golden ticket you need if you are targeting your videos to a localized audience.

In addition to subscribers, Celiaigency  Covers all the spectrum of Tiktok services - you can buy likes, views, Tiktok comments, and more. These extras can give your account this complete boost, painting the image of an active and popular profile in no time.

In terms of price, you have it for your money. Celiaigency  is a serious competitor for the cheapest location where to buy Tiktok subscribers, offering affordable packs without skimp on quality. You can start small with 25, 50 or 100 subscribers or see large with up to 100,000 Tiktok subscribers. And with the convenience of credit cards, debit, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and other payment methods, everything is fluid.

A responsive customer service, a secure website, and even a 30 -day refund guarantee make each transaction safe and simple. As an additional endorsement, big names like the Chico Enterprise-Record and the Daily Democrat have stressed Celiaigency  like a 

Recommended platform. This approval seal practically confirms that you make a wise choice with Celiaigency - a reliable place for guaranteed and economical growth.


The popular packages of 25, 50 and 250 subscribers are offered at only $ 2.00, $ 3.00 and $ 11.00 respectively, or you can go to a massive package of 25K subscribers for as little as $ 749.

Delivery time

The complete delivery times of the packages start from only one working day, increasing to a few days or a couple of weeks to process and deploy large -scale orders.

Benefits :

  • Solid history of more than a decade
  • 100 % authentic subscribers (real people) guaranteed
  • Excellent value for money with prices from only $ 2
  • A wide range of geo-targeted services available
  • Flexible package for new users and established tiktors


  • Customer support is limited to working hours

Summary of customer reviews

Fast delivery, high quality subscribers and an excellent support team - are the three most common themes in returns on Celiangency. An impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars says almost everything here.

  1. Getafollower

For anyone looking to reach the real celebrity on Tiktok, Getafollower is another leading choice in 2024, especially for those who are concerned with the price without skimp on authenticity. Noted by thousands of satisfied customers as the best place to buy Tiktok subscribers, Getafollower is distinguished by the combination of low price and total authenticity.

This user -friendly platform is designed to help you boost your status on social networks without having to jump through hoops. You can buy Tiktok subscribers which are the real deal - real Tiktok subscribers which can actively engage with your content, making your growth on Tiktok completely natural. No usual hollow accounts and boots that you get elsewhere.

The advantages do not stop there-Getafollower also pays particular attention to safety and subtlety with its discreet delivery system. This essentially ensures that your new subscribers are gradually coming over a period of time - as well as organic growth. This is combined with a secure payment process, protecting your details and perhaps making the safest place to buy Tiktok subscribers at the moment.

In the rare case of any catch at the start, you are covered by a 60 -day filling guarantee, providing this additional safety net that you need. With a wide range of other Tiktok products available, you can amplify your presence beyond just your number of subscribers, covering the whole spectrum of engagement metrics to ensure that all the bases are covered.

In summary, the attraction of Getafollower lies in its guarantee of real Tiktok subscribers, a gentle and safe delivery process, and the assurance of a 60 -day filling guarantee. All this wrapped in an easy -to -navigate package that puts the user experience first.

Read the full review on Getafollower


Some of the best -selling plans of Getafollower include 100 subscribers for $ 5.00, 1000 subscribers for $ 39, and their high -end package of 100K subscribers for only $ 1999, which is quite remarkable when you consider how it could completely transform Your performance on Tiktok.

Delivery time

Most of the mid -range low -end packages can 

Be delivered in full within a period of approximately one week - from 1 to 7 working days. If you opt for something more substantial, a few weeks may be necessary to complete the work.

Benefits :

  • Probably the safest place on the web to buy subscribers
  • An excellent place to target large with up to 100K subscribers at low prices
  • A very wide range of packages and services, including choosing
  • Returns established over several years of activity
  • Quick and easy control process with encrypted SSL transactions


  • Live chat support and e-mail only (no phone)

Summary of customer reviews

Customers' returns confirm GetafOLlower's commitment to affordable quality, coupled with fast delivery and many flexible options to suit all types of tiktkers, not to mention the safety and discretion of their delivery methods.

  1. Buy Real Media

Last but not least, Buy Real Media is another serious pretender for the title of best website to buy Tiktok subscribers. It is an excellent place for long -term measurable results - tailor -made services with many personalization options, making sure you get exactly what you need.

These experts have built their reputation by providing active Tiktok subscribers, which means that your list of subscribers benefits from an increase with daily users who interact and engage. This also ensures that you get the best possible retention rate - they remain and remain active in the long term, improving your presence on social networks indefinitely.

Buy Real Media also includes the need for speed, promising fast but always safe delivery. It is not necessary to compromise the safety of your account for rapid growth; They found the happy medium that combines the two. And with a reimbursed guarantee of high quality Tiktok followers, every penny of your investment is as sure as possible.

What also distinguishes Buy Real Media is its exceptional customer support. They offer a dedicated live cat function which is ideal for fast and useful information, provided by a friendly team always ready to help. In addition, they understand that privacy is important - no password is necessary to increase the number of your subscribers.

And if you juggle more than just Tiktok, Buy Real Media covers you with a wide range of services for all other social media platforms. A complete seller for anyone looking to mark his footprint on the spectrum of social media with authentic and high quality social evidence that goes far.

Read the full review on Buy Real Media


A place all on authentic Tiktok subscribers at realistic prices, Buy Real Media currently offers 500 subscribers for $ 20.00, a package of 5000 for the low prices of $ 189, or you can go nuclear with 50k subscribers for as little as $ 1299.

Delivery time

All Buy Real Media deliveries begin within 24 hours, while the complete deployment times of the packages vary from 1 to 35 working days - depending on the size of the command you place.

Benefits :

  • A simple and direct seller who delivers what is promised
  • A very impressive value for money overall
  • Exceptional customer support via live chat
  • Excellent range of custom package options
  • No password or sensitive data required


  • E-mail response times are sometimes a bit slow

Summary of customer reviews

Customers of Buy Real Media constantly complies the quality of everything they do - their subscribers, their services in general, and the support they provide. They did a great job in 

Winning the confidence of thousands of satisfied customers in the past five years approximately.

Our criteria to classify the best sites to buy Tiktok subscribers

Choosing Tiktok growth companies at random is a big mistake - an error that we were not ready to make with our recommendations. Instead, we have deeply examined more than a dozen highly rated brands, each testing them in the same key areas. Put to the test, we wanted to see which ones cohable all the boxes from top to bottom.

This is why we used the following bases for our short list - all also crucial factors when looking for a Tiktok specialist in whom you can trust:

Tiktok real users Tiktok's success is based on real and active users who maintain the living platform. When you buy new subscribers who are authentic users of Tiktok, your engagement rate flies away, helping you integrate into this flourishing community. It is vital because real purchased subscribers do not only inflate the figures; They interact, share and can even become long -term fans. Precisely why the sellers who guarantee subscribers who are real people (never bots) were at the top of our priority list.

Gradual delivery for safety A sudden flood of subscribers on Tiktok may seem suspicious and even lead to sanctions from Tiktok. This is why a cautious and progressive approach to adding subscribers is crucial. This gradual delivery imitates natural growth, keeping your account in the safety area. We have given additional points to the services that gradually deliver new subscribers, ensuring that your growth seems organic and that your account remains secure along the way.

Positive customer reviews Customers' testimonies are the backbone of any service. The positive opinions of real buyers offer the effectiveness of a social media marketing company. When buying Tiktok subscribers, platforms with excellent customer feedback are really the only choice. It is therefore essential to consult and take into account customer reviews before making your decision - exactly as we did when developing our short list.

Affordable but realistic pricing Everyone likes a good deal, but ridiculously low prices often mean lower quality services. The best Tiktok subscribers on the web are not given for free. This is why we value the sites offering fair and competitive pricing which is affordable but realistic - reflecting the obtaining of real active subscribers. This balance suggests that you invest in quality without breaking the bank while avoiding spam at the same time.

Reliable customer support The heart of any quality service provider is a solid customer support team. The sites with reactive and useful customer support indicate that they care about your experience and your success. Reliable customer service is essential, especially if you are new to the purchase of Tiktok subscribers and need orientation. This is a sign that the company supports its service and will not leave you in the dark.

Full reimbursement guarantee A repayment guarantee is a sign of a confident and reliable social media marketing company. This suggests that they are certain that you will be satisfied with each aspect of your purchase, and they are ready to put their money where their mouth is. It is a guarantee that reduces risk, ensuring tranquility of mind during the purchase, and a useful safety net if things go wrong.

Sure and secure website

The importance of proactive security cannot be underestimated. A secure website protects your personal and payment information against online potential threats in a way that goes beyond the basics. We have evaluated whether the sites we visited used adequate encryption and safety measures - basically for a safe and reliable environment. Taking risks in terms of security and safety is never a good idea - it's as simple as that.

In the three cases, each of the sellers described above has performed better than competition in each of these essential areas of quality and performance.

Advantages to buy tiktok subscribers

If you thought the advantages of paying for Tiktok subscribers were limited to figures, think again. With each new subscriber you integrate, you set the basics of a strong and influential presence on Tiktok.

Just a few of the ways including a pack paid for (real) Tiktok subscribers could benefit you:

Improve your visibility When you buy Tiktok subscribers from a reliable source, you feed your presence on Tiktok significantly. A greater number of subscribers improves your chances of appearing on the coveted "Page for you", which could massively ignore your organic growth. As more subscribers are added to your profile, the Tiktok algorithm takes note, and you become much easier to find for your target audience.

Improved credibility Buying subscribers on Tiktok can instantly boost the credibility of your profile. When potential subscribers see that a large Tiktok audience trusts your content, they are more likely to embark and follow you too. Paid subscribers can start this process, showing others that you are already a big deal and paving the way for an improved confidence and popularity path.

More organic engagement When your paid subscribers start to arrive on your profile, you don't just win numbers - you open the door to more likes, comments, and sharing. This domino effect triggers a real commitment from your audience and encourages even more users to interact authentically with your content. Content that already arouses engagement is naturally more attractive and influential for other users.

Opportunities to earn money With impressive follow -up, the doors open for monetization avenues - join the Tiktok creative funds, sponsored content opportunities, affiliate marketing, and more. The brands are attracted to creators with substantial scope, which means that those with more subscribers have a better chance of winning lucrative agreements. With more Tiktok subscribers, you are more attractive for sponsors, because each subscriber represents a potential consumer engagement for their products or services.

A more attractive channel A flourishing Tiktok account will always attract even more organic subscribers. Potential spectators assess the attraction of a channel by the number of subscribers, combining popularity with quality. Increasing your subscriber base serves as a signal to others that your content is worth their time, making your channel a hot spot in your niche.

Save time and money Finally, building organically monitoring can be a slow and arduous process. When you strategically buy subscribers, you launch your presence and save the resources you would have invested in marketing. This allows you to focus on creating quality content while your purchased subscribers help you get the attention necessary for a fraction of effort and cost.

How to buy tiktok subscribers

Putting yourself at work to buy Tiktok subscribers safely is surprisingly simple. Apart from finding a trusted seller (which we have already discussed), there is really not much else to do.

Here is an overview of what you will have to do:

  1. Start by searching to identify a supplier renowned for delivering real Tiktok subscribers.
  2. Examine the supplier's offers and select a package that corresponds to your objectives and your budget.
  3. Enter your Tiktok username on the supplier's website to direct the new subscribers to the right account.
  4. Choose your favorite payment method and complete the transaction securely.
  5. Receive confirmation from the supplier detailing your purchase and the scheduled delivery schedule.
  6. Monitor your Tiktok account, observing the gradual increase in subscribers according to the delivery program.

If you have doubts or questions along the way, you can always contact the seller's support team to get help.

FAQ on the purchase of Tiktok subscribers

What do we mean by buying tiktok subscribers? Buying Tiktok subscribers refers to the subscribers' purchase process for your Tiktok account from specialized sellers. When purchased from the best sellers in the field, these are real users who are paid to follow your account, helping to instantly increase your number of subscribers and build credibility.

What is the best site to buy Tiktok subscribers? Celiangency is in the lead as the best site to buy Tiktok subscribers in 2024. With their concentration on the supply of real Tiktok users (never bots) and a range of affordable packages, they are a leading choice for those looking to increase their Tiktok follow -up at a sensible price.

Is it legal to buy Tiktok subscribers? As long as the subscribers you buy are real Tiktok users, there are no legal problems involved in their purchase. It is a legitimate growth strategy to boost your presence on the platform and win more exhibitions - again, as long as they are real.

Is it sure to buy Tiktok subscribers? Yes, it is sure to buy Tiktok subscribers if they are real users. When you buy subscribers from deemed platforms such as those mentioned above, you do not violate any of the conditions of use established in the Tiktok user agreement.

How many subscribers does it take to be live? To be live on Tiktok, you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. Once you reach this milestone, you can interact with your audience in real time and share live videos. Thus, an excellent way to speed up this is to buy the 1K subscribers you need directly.

How can I buy 1K of Tiktok subscribers? Buying 1,000 Tiktok subscribers is simple. Visit the website of your choice, select the package suitable for your needs and your budget, provide your Tiktok username, make a secure payment, and observe your number of subscribers increase instantly. It's as simple as that !

Will the purchased subscribers increase my commitment rate on Tiktok? Yes, buying subscribers can considerably increase your commitment rate on Tiktok. As your number of subscribers is growing, this signals to the Tiktok algorithm that your content is precious, increasing your chances of being shown to a wider audience. This exhibition 

increased can cause more likes, comments and sharing from your target audience.

Should I buy Tiktok subscribers as a new user? Absolutely. Buy Tiktok subscribers as a new user can give your account an initial boost and help establish credibility. This provides initial momentum, making it easier to attract organic subscribers and launch your presence on the platform.

Can Tiktok detect if I bought subscribers? Tiktok cannot detect if you have bought subscribers as long as the purchased subscribers are real people who follow your account in the same way as organic subscribers would do. It is therefore important to choose a renowned supplier (like those mentioned above) to guarantee authenticity.

How much Tiktok pays for 1,000 subscribers? Tiktok does not directly pay users for their subscribers. However, the Tiktok Creator Fund offers popular creators the chance to earn money according to the performance and commitment of their content, which can be influenced by having a strong follow -up.


To conclude, a simple but sensible reminder:

Buying subscribers is not a magic wand for instant celebrity on Tiktok.

But at the same time, buying subscribers can certainly put you on the right track. Solid follow -up laid the foundations to be noticed, increases your chances of becoming viral and famous on Tiktok, and ensures that you are taken seriously in your niche.

For enthusiastic tiktors at all levels, Celiangency remains in the lead when it comes to buying the best subscribers that money can buy. Nevertheless, Buy Real Media and Getafollower also offer solid advantages and are definitely worth seeing.

Above all, remember the golden rule: authenticity reigns supreme. Real subscribers do not only inflate the figures; They bring an authentic interaction and life to your journey on Tiktok. Stay faithful to reality, and you could be on the way to success on Tiktok earlier than you think.

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