Celiaigency affiliation program - Increase your income with our growth services on social networks

Welcome to the Celiaigency affiliation program! If you are passionate about social media, online growth and want to earn money while helping others succeed, our affiliation program is for you. Join us in our mission to allow creators and companies to reach new heights on platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

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  1. Earn money by helping others: Our affiliation program offers you the possibility of winning attractive commissions by recommending our services to your friends, subscribers and customers. The more customers you refer, the more you win!
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How it works ?

  1. Easy registration: Joining our affiliation program is simple. Fill out the registration form, accept our terms and conditions, and you will be ready to start.
  2. Share your link: Once registered, you will have access to unique follow -up links that you can share on your social networks, your website, your videos, etc.
  3. Win commissions: Each time a user clicks on your link and makes a purchase from us, you will win a generous commission on the sale.
  4. Monitoring and payment: You can follow your commissions via your affiliate dashboard. Payments are made regularly according to our terms.

How to help us succeed together?

  • Integrate our services into your videos, blog articles or podcasts related to social media.
  • Share your experience with our services to give confidence to your subscribers and readers.
  • Use our attractive banners and visuals to maximize the impact of your recommendations.

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